2014 Best Outdoor Design

2014 Best Outdoor Design

Perrysburg, OH

Features: You just can’t help but say “wow!” when you see it. This pergola blends perfectly with the existing natural and built-in environment. The curved design gives an amphitheater feel, while the smooth, low-profile platform makes for a speedy transition from the shade to the pool or hot tub. The functionality of the space is enhanced with a stone-capped wall for food or other party-time goody placement, and the power screens empower you to reduce wind and sun exposure on demand. 

The pergola seamlessly incorporates many different textures from the ground up, including:

  • Composite decking to ensure longevity
  • Natural stone columns with Quartzite sills
  • Aluminum columns
  • Rough sawn cedar beams
  • Water-permeable sun covers with a great, colorful pattern
  • Chrome sun shade supports
  • Remote control power screens

The design of the pergola ensures seemless integration into the existing space by using the hot tub as the pivot-point for the arched design. This also makes for great viewing of pool-area activities so everyone can feel together when using the space.

The pergola has full electrical capabilities, for running the big leaf-style fan, plugging in your crock pot or even powering up your tablet or e-reader!

A lot of thought was put into all features of this pergola, such as the snap-on design of the sun covers, which provides easy removal for seasonal storage. 

The durable design and products used will ensure this pergola is enjoyed for many summers to come!

Awards: 2014 Best Outdoor Design, HBA of Greater Toledo

Wesson Builders Project Image - 2014 Best Outdoor DesignWesson Builders Project Image - 2014 Best Outdoor Design


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